sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

Uma ideia criativa...

Woven Cookie Stars!

CC10 woven cookie stars finished group
Making these little woven cookie stars are so
much fun and something that all ages can enjoy
at their own level. Of course, I love them as
ornaments but wouldn't they be cute decorating
a package too?! I'm going to make some with
white crochet thread for a more sophisticated
snowflake look. You can even put a bunch
together for a fantastic garland!

A few tips:
Crochet thread is inexpensive and can be found
in the yarn section of a craft store, but, before you
buy any be sure to check your local thrift shop!
I always find crochet thread at the thrift shop
and many times it is completely brand new so
you'll be able to get a nice variety of colors
for very little money.

For the circle I traced around a jar lid.

Cutting corrugated cardboard is hard on your
hands, if you have some heavy duty scissors,
like kitchen shears, I suggest using those.

corrugated cardboard
~ 3¼" circle to trace around
crochet thread or similar
needle to acommodate thread
glue (optional)
bamboo skewer (optional, but very helpful)

CC10 woven cookie stars supplies 1
Trace your circle onto corrugated cardboard and
cut it out.

Make shallow cuts (~¼") around the edge of the circle.
Start with two cuts opposite each other (1) then make
the next two cuts half-way between the first two cuts (2)
and continue until you have 16 cuts. Or, you can
completely ignore this and cut as many or as few
slots as you like too!

CC10 woven cookie stars 2
You can cut the thread or work straight from the
ball. If you cut off a section you'll need about 3 yards
to wrap around the cookie three times.

CC10 woven cookie stars 1
Start the thread in a slot; a knot isn't necessary,
the end of the floss will be buried securely under
the wrapping.

CC10 woven cookie stars 3
Start wrapping the thread around the cookie. For
a star, continue wrapping the thread in opposite slots.

CC10 woven cookie stars 4
For rounds 2 and 3, start thread in the same
slot but wrap the opposite thread in one slot
closer to the starting slot. Experiment a bit here
and you'll see how easy it is :)

CC10 woven cookie stars 5
When you're done, cut the thread leaving
about a 6" tail. Thread your needle and slide
the end under the weaving and snip. Feel free to
add a drop of glue if you feel it needs to
be secured.

CC10 woven cookie stars 6
Take advantage of the corrugated
cardboard when making your hanging
loop. Using about 8" of thread, thread your
needle and run it through one of the channels
and back up again in the channel next to the
first. That sounds easy ;) but you'll probably
need something like a bamboo skewer to push
the needle through the channels.

CC10 woven cookie stars finished red
All finished and ready to hang or
decorate a package!

CC10 woven cookie stars finished pink blue
I had to include this pretty pair... the weaving on
the right has 19 slots and uses a variegated
pink crochet thread.

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Aline disse...

U,ma ideia gira e ecológica, fácil de fazer com as crianças.

Anónimo disse...

simpática a idéia, obrigada por compartilhar

Anónimo disse...

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Alessandra disse...

Realmente como o nome diz, Você é muito criativa!

Obrigada por compartilhar conosco