domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

Ideias para o Halloween

When dry you can tie ribbon around the hat or even better glue feather boa around the brim!

I made a smaller one and used it to cover a lollipop! Instead of glue I just taped it on the back to make it easier to unwrap.

Supplies: Black Paper, Scissors, Circle Template (bowl, cup or plate...), Glue, Decorations for the eyes and mouth. We used googly eyes but you do not have to.

Trace two circles onto black construction paper or card stock. Use a bowl or plate. (The paper looks blue in photos but is really black.)

Fold in half then cut. You will need 3 half circles for this project.

Take one half circle. Lay in front of you with round end on bottom and flat end on top. See picture.

Fold in half to make crease. Then fold each side in forming a V crease.

When folded up it should look like this.

Turn over and glue flaps closed. Do not glue pocket shut.

Take the two half circles left and place them on top of each other. Cut wings using the photo as an example.

Glue or tape on to back of bat.

Glue on eyes and mouth.


2 comentários: disse...

Boas ideias, pra quem tem crianças em casa como eu, isso vai ser uma diversão.

Nexita disse...

Fiz estes chapéus com os meus meninos!!! Vou colocar no meu blog!!!