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Super - Porquinho de Meia

Welcome to the Suey, the Super Sock Pig Pattern and Tutorial. Now you can learn how to mysteriously transform an ordinary sock into something, er, well SUPER!

You'll need a few supplies before you start to make your own Super Pig: a pair of children's socks with a ruffle, a water football, some eyes of your choice (glass or felt), some embroidery floss, a little Polyfil, a chenille stem, floral tape and some scissors.

First, remove the outer fabric from your water football so you are left with just a foam form. Don't worry, the surgery is quick and painless - he won't feel a thing!

Next, using your two socks, cut and sew one of them using the pattern provided for the body. Then, use the other sock to complete your pig's ears, legs and tail by following the second half of the pattern. Now that you've done all your machine sewing, you're ready to start assembling your own Super Pig.

To turn your pig's tail, insert a straw. Then, using a skewer, push it into the straw into the sewn end of the tail and it will turn easily. To stuff your tail, cut a piece of chenille stem just a little longer than the tail, tape both ends with some floral tape (so it doesn't poke through the knit fabric) and insert it in your tail.

Using the toe end of your sock, cover your water football foam completely.

Using a ladder stitch, sew the toe portion of the sock shut.

Now that your piece of water football foam is covered with the toe portion of your sock, take the cuff portion of your sock and gently pull it over the first layer making sure the sewn portions overlap and the toe portion of the sock is peeking through the ruffled cuff. This is going to be your pig's snout.

Stuff all of your pigs legs and sew them onto the body.

Next, sew on your pig's ears and tail. You're almost done now - Super Pig is almost ready to Save the DAY!

Insert your eyes (if you are using glass) or you can make some out of felt or even embroider them on. This is your chance to give your Super Pig his own personality. While your at it, give him some little nose holes and a sheepish (well, for a pig anyway) little grin.

Finally, it's time to turn your pig from a mild mannered porker into the caped crusader you'd always hoped he'd turn out to be. Using the instant SUPER HERO pattern make your pig take on his alter ego.

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Lili disse...

Que adorável porquinho!!!

Luciene e.v.a disse...

Seu cantinho é maravilhoso amiga. Parabéns!