segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2008

Reciclar para brincar!

header picture for driving in my car

driving in my car

Cut all the flaps off the bottom of a box.
Cut the long flaps off the top. Tape the short ends down.
Wrap the box with coloured paper. Collect together some bits and bobs for decoration - paper cups, cardboard tubes, paper bowls, silver foil, coloured paper.

Measure the paper against the box and cut to size. Glue the ends down first and then the sides.

Make the headlights by wrapping the two paper bowls in foil. Stick two paper circles inside.

To make the grill wrap a box in foil and add black stripes for the grill part. Stick them on with double-sided tape. To make the bumpers wrap two tubes in foil.
For the rear lights - cut two paper cups in half. Wrap them in foil. Glue some red coloured paper inside them. Attach to car.
To make the wheels - glue two circles of paper of different sizes and colour to a paper plate or bowl. Paint�on the�tyres. For the shoulder straps attach ribbon to box and adjust to fit.
Reprinted with permission from 'The Dressing-Up Book', Dorling Kindersley Books.

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MONICA disse...

Bom dia, Dreamlu!, sempre com boms conselhos e ideias giras, vou passar teu blog a minha irma. Um carro divertido para o meu sobrinho Pablo. Beijinhos e bom día :D

Fadaluz disse...

Amei este carro!!!Está espectacular!O teu Blog é realmente um espanto!Muitos, muitos Parabéns!Um óptimo,excelente trabalho!!!!Beijo