quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2008

Caranguejo de Esponja

5. Spongy crab

These lifelike crabs don't require any fancy craft supplies and are great fun to put together. Just like the real thing, these crabs have ten legs – two of which have pincers at the end. But unlike real crabs, this spongy variety have pincers made from clothes pegs!

You will need

• a dish sponge
two pegs
hole punch
permanent marker


1. Cut a circle shape from a dish sponge.

2. Punch four holes down each side of the sponge using a hole punch. Keep two of the punched out sponge pieces to use for eyes.

3. Thread pipecleaner legs through the holes and glue the punched out sponge pieces onto the head. Then colour in the top of the eyes with a black marker.

4. Attach two pegs for claws.

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