domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

Uma ideia incrível! ;)

For The Birds

Welcome birds!
Being National Bird Feeding Month and all, the kids and I thought we'd make something special for the birds visiting our backyard. We seem to have so many more this year than we usually do.

I used a utility knife and cut out letters from cardboard to spell the word "WELCOME". I also poked holes in the top of the letters for stringing. Then, we spread peanut butter on both sides and coated it well with bird seed.

Spreading peanut butter

Bird seed letter C

The letters are surprisingly heavy after you're finished. We strung twine through the letters to make a garland, then hung them in the trees.

It wasn't too long before the word got out!

If you want to make some similar at home, I have a couple of suggestions...

This is a very Messy project (note capital M). Protect your surface and your floor if you need to. We went through a jar of peanut butter to finish all the letters. You'll definitely get bird seed in your peanut butter jar, so, if you have any left, reserve it for later projects, not for eating ;)

I used thick cardboard cut from boxes for the letters. It needs to be thick to hold up to the peanut butter and seed.

Use a good heavy twine, light-weight rope or something similar for the garland. I thought our twine might not be strong enough to hold all the letters and the birds that would land on it, but so far, so good.

We've had a LOT of birds already, sometimes I'll look out the window and see it covered up with customers. Makes me feel like spring isn't too far away!

Vi Aqui

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Mafalda S. disse...

He, he... aposto que os passaritos vão lá ter, mas não é por terem aprendido a ler.

Mas, há que admitir, haja originalidade.

Maria da Luz Borges disse...

Um espanto!
Bom recomeço