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Acho que vou aproveitar esta ideia...

Today I'm going to show you one of our latest creations...yarn sheep...baaaa!

Kid craft yarn clothes pin easy sheep

These are super easy and inexpensive to do...and the type of sheep are only limited by your creativity!

(I had originally seen something like this a year or so ago on the internet but so far have not been able to find it again...if I do I'll link up)

Paint clothes pin kids craft

First you will need some clothes pins...the old fashioned wooden spring type. You're gonna paint them any color that floats your boat. Most of ours were either black or pink, but this one I decided to go wild and paint red!

Sheep craft kids clothes pins

Set your clothes pins to dry and start painting...

Sheep craft kids cardboard paint yarn

Pieces of cardboard that you have cut into kidney bean shapes. You can make them any size you want, mine were between 2.5 to 4 inches. Paint one end for the sheep's head.

Sheep craft kids yarn easy

When all is dry clip your painted clothes pins onto the appropriate spots on the sheep. Check to make sure that it can stand up. When you have them where you want go ahead and put a dab of glue between the cardboard and the clothes pin to hold it tight. While the glue was still wet I slipped the end of my yarn in there so it was held tight also...

Then the fun part...start wrapping your little guy with your chosen color of yarn!

Sheep craft kids wool yarn easy

Keep wrapping making sure to cover the springs of the clothes pins and any cardboard. Add enough layers until you sheep is as fat as you would like him. Tuck the end of the yarn into the sheep and put a dab of glue on it to hold it.

Next cut little ears out of felt, and a tail too if you like and glue them on.

These were the two I made in the morning with the girls. Later when the kids were at grandma's I noticed I still had supplies left so instead of starting dinner, doing the laundry, or even the mountain of dirty dishes, I snuck upstairs to make some more sheep!

Little white sheep kid craft

I made this sassy little girl sheep with her ears flying in the wind...for this I flipped the cardboard bean shape around so her head is up unlike the others.

Little white sheep craft easy children homeschool

Next came our little red legged sheep with her lace collar!

Yarn craft kids sheep

I even tried one with multi-colored yarn...what fun he is...the life of the party actually!

You can embellish you sheep with ribbon, lace, or tiny little bells.

Tiny craft bells

The options are endless...you could use tiny flowers or beads, those would be adorable too!

What do you do when you are all done with your sheep...well have a photo shoot of course. At least if you are easily amused by things like that, which I admit I am!

Colored sheep kids craft yarn

Blue yarn sheep crat children homeschool

I will say that a photo shoot with these little guys is much easier than with my kids...who were still at grandma's while all of this was taking place. I would have had to share otherwise and frankly that would not been as fun!

Sheep craft clothes pin yarn

Look at those legs...they seem to go on forever!

Sheep tail felt yarn craft

And oh my...what a shot! Obviously someone has been doing their squats!

Yarn sheep craft children

You might want to see a stylist about that frizz...

Sheep herd craft kids easy

OK little lambs...one final shot, then you can go play.




Just before this post went to press Sweet Girl found her sheep and insisted that she be included.

So without further ado...

Pink sheep kids craft yarn clothes pin homeschool

Cotton Candy sheep with paint on her fur and a Sharpie drawn face...yep the options for these really are endless!

So a quick list...clothes pins, cardboard, paint, yarn, felt, glue

That's all you need for this great little craft!

Now go make yourself some sheep!


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Maria João disse...

Que boa ideia! Acho que também vou aproveitar!

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Lili disse...

Simplesmente incrível!!!

efilipe disse...

Adorei a ideia. E numa sala de Jardim de Infância até podem ser os meninos a fazer!

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k ideia gira!
É bom partilhar!